Instagram (A Social Selfie Network) changes its logo. A more eye catching and colored stuff introduced by network. They are working on it from last few months and they launched it last week. Instagram logo is not much complicated for viewers, infect having a good combination of colors. Instagram change all their logos with implementation of this new one. This change is pleasant for some users and some did not like it .

As per my observation previous symbol is pretending to be a classical glimpse of Polaroid camera, but this
one is not that much identical to previous one. New logo is flat and having only three to four mixture of colors.

People are much concerned and have greater affiliation with logos. I am also feels it comfortable while opening Instagram with old logo. Organizations adopting new trends rapidly so as “Instagram”. They always try to create innovative sense through their products. Visibility of products greatly impact overall sense making.

Well is it end with this design ? No how could it be its not just an end but a sound building for new era. Ian Spalter who is head of design for Instagram shared his views about this new logo ” well truly new logo is not much reflective to community itself, and we thought it can be better by time”.

New update is just logo based update, as it
did not effect overall navigation comment posting etc.  Change always bring popularity or being discouraged by audience, and it will be evaluated after some time that new logo create what kind of impact. Now a days updates to all apps are essential to meet new challenges and create well being and sense of competition among social giants. When a change occurs it is useless to revoke until some new change comes to overtake it.


Your views matter to us and we should like to know your words about this change.