MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin handed over a new Russian passport to Steven Seagal, a prominent US action star, producer and writer. Mr. President hoped that this gesture from Russian will stabilize relations with Washington.

Vladimir Putin personally handed over new passport to Seagal during a live transmission on television. President guided Seagal to take his signature on new pas

sport. After signing new passport they both stand and shook hands with each other. Putin also congratulate Seagal for having his brand new Russian passport. Seagal answered “Spasibo bolshoye” as thank you very much sentence.

The kremlin authorities released a transcript of their conversation. Putting during this conversation emphasizes that citizenship matters should not be affected by political instability among both countries.  Meanwhile Putting hopped that having Seagal as a Russian citizen should be taken in sense of normal relationship in US. People from both countries have to welcome this act from Kremlin and will not make it issue.

Steven Seagal Get Russian Visa

After having Russian passport in his hand Seagal called it a “great honor” being a Russian citizen and informed President of Russian that he hopped “Our personal relationship will remain and continue”.

Seagal is the latest addition as Russian citizenship being honored by President himself.

Russian already approved various citizenship applications from renewed celebrities around the world. Veteran French actor Gerard Depardieu was approved as a Russian citizen back in 2013. Putin has also honored Us boxer Roy Jones Jr with Russian visa while they were both sipping a cup of tea in Crimea.

Seagal himself has a great fan following around the world. He became popular due to his unique action styles during early 80’s and followed 90’s. “Under Siege” and “Above the Law” are his famous movies. Seagal also got Serbian citizenship in January due to his fame in Eastern Europe.

After having Seagal as a citizen by Russia, US may show some concern over it. Well, it’s a good startup by Putin after presidency change in America.