Having your own business is most elated thing somebody ever feel. Being your own boss is means to control entire work individually. So, why it feels like you are doing a job instead of having a business. Your personal engagement to work always requires more and more physical and psychological depth.

7 Tasks Entrepreneur Hates

Having this concept in mind most of entrepreneurs consider that running a self-owned business means freedom from work. Entrepreneurs also felt that running a business may bring relaxation of responsibilities and they might have enough free time for other works. Well, it is not true up to some extent, business need more self-engagement and responsibilities shifted to its owners. Truth is that being a company proprietor you have many disadvantages as does working a regular day job.

Imagine you are working as an employee to some company and you have just some particular assigned work to do. Rest of other works distributed to other employees as well. Putting this picture in mind, think of doing all business work by yourself alone. You should feel stressed and tedious while you are alone to handle all your business stuff. You have to become more responsible with good sense of managing your own business. You have to involve yourself with all business matters effectively with short period of time.

While during employment you have full right to shuffle from one company to another. But when we are considering self-owned business, this facility is not available. As a business owner no choice left for changing or leaving business. Businessman must have to do all business tasks without any choice left for him.

Being an entrepreneurs, you still have much flexibility of work left for you. Choices like, having qualified people, paid services and outsourcing may help you throughout business success. Proper work and potential assessment will lead you towards future success. These things will bring flexibility of time and will also minimize extra work burden.

Well, I have a wise observation about seven unwanted tasks an entrepreneurs hate to do while running business and how to never do them again.

1. Working Alone

Working alone is always problematic for every entrepreneur. Being alone always means less creativeness in work and more burden. People thinking that they can handle whole work individually ended up soon. There are lot of professionals working outside to be hired for every kind of task, so ask their help. Try to make work smart and easy for yourself. Think bigger and wiser while moving in corporate world. Sometimes solo work seems sexy and bring enjoyable enthusiasm among new entrants, but it cannot be too last longing. Through connecting yourself with outer world enhance your social relationship and image building as an entrepreneur.

2. Handling Minor Tasks

Everybody may be good at some skills, but just at some not on whole. As an entrepreneur you may also have other tasks to perform. By having good knowledge about something did not means that you are able to cover all other work aspects. Suppose, if you are a good writer it is appealing for some portion of routine work, but you are not a banker at all nor a marketing guy. So considering these points you should have to admit that other skillful persons are always helpful to give you relaxation of working. So being an entrepreneur means you are going to handle all kind of work by yourself. You have to work as an accountant, inventory manager, marketing manager and sales person by yourself.

3. Tedious Tasks

Some work specially office related tasks can easily be automated with advancement of technology. But some minor tasks will be done by third person and for that outsourcing is best suited option. Considering it as an open option you have to assign these tasks to people which are efficient to do such work.

For example, consider that your business is flourishing well and you have to respond a bulk of emails on daily bases as well as responding to these emails demand much time which you don’t have. So for such kind of situation outsourcing is best option. Simple here a person with good knowledge about your products and ethic of communication to clients.

4. Managing Work Schedule

As an entrepreneur you know, the amount of time you devote managing your schedule can feel equal to the amount of time spent in the meetings you’re trying to book. Schedule management itself a big thing to deal with. If you are on time you are in better condition to enjoy your working. App like Pick.co for scheduling meetings and developing coordination among teams from other time zones is a good source of working smartly. Through it you can easily schedule your travel and work, with other team members.

Another way of doing smart job is to maintain a “to not do” list along with your “to do” list. Time is precious and you should always prioritize your work and update yourself with calendar.

5. Analytics Insight

Your long term success as an entrepreneur is based on taking deep insight of successive ration for campaigns you run. Monitoring business performance bring new aspects of doing business wisely and updates about market trends. I don’t think so being a busy person you can spent your whole day to check campaign performance by monitoring traffic and checking analytics. So for your good luck, Google Analytics is a big and most convenient source of streamline performance reporting for your business website.

6. Content Writing

Business marketing requires quality content. Every person can’t not handle this thing when you are moving in a competitive era. Even, I am not that much good at writing and still working hard to maintain my pace with update news and current affairs within industry. If you are not that much able to write good content for your website, hire some skilled person for this task as well. After getting it done you now have much time to focus on other things of your interest. People out there are available with best suited price for this work. After getting them onboard you can simply manage your quality of work and business.

7. Communication Flexibility

For a fact, yes! You cannot outsource communication entirely. Your customers have great satisfaction if they have direct interaction with you. People interacting with core person of organization feels that they are communicated well. So try to make effective conversation with your customer and people of your interest. You can even select sometime of hearing and solving issues from your customers. Don’t be much frequent, but also don’t ignore their existence. You can try a Slack, which makes conversations and archived search easier, helps to keep in regular touch with teams and a good way of easy communication with people from different projects. So give it a try today. It’s entirely free, and the time it save for you will be priceless.

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