School NameAisha Girls School
DistrictMandi Bahauddin
Union CouncilMalakwal
Contact No0546591167

Introduction to Malakwal


Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi took over Ghaznavid Dynasty Empire flourished by his father in 997 CE. He conquered the Shahis in Kabil in 1005. He followed it by conquering Punjab region as well. After him Dehli Sultanate was ruled by Mughals. With emergence of their rule, Islam become dominant religion in region. Islamic preaching also effect Mandi Bahauddin and people attracted towards Islam. After decline of Mughal Empire Sikh empire invaded and occupied Mandi Bahauddin. Muslims restricted from freely preaching and offering of their prayers during Sikh era. Mandi Bahauddin increased in population and importance under British rule. British work for betterment of this area. During independence row, Muslims of Mandi Bahauddin supported Muslim League and struggle accordingly. After partition of 1947, this land became a part of Pakistan and remaining minorities (Sikh, Hindus) moved to India.

MALAKWAL is situated in Mandi BahauDin province of Punjab, Pakistan. Malakwal is a tehsil of Mandi Bahaudin. Malakwal’s distance from Capital Islamabad is about 200 Kilometers and 35 kilometers from district headquarter Mandi Bahaudin Malakwal has moderate temperature and during peak summer the day temperature of area rises up to 40 °C. People of Malakwal are too hard workers and loving. Malakwal is famous for horse riding competitions nationally and internationally. It is also famous for its Railway junction.

  • Malakwal city is further divided into three more districts Mandi Bahauddin 80% Sargodha 17% and 3% in Jhelum. 60,000 citizens are reported as resident of Malakwal.
  • Malakwal is connected to all major cities of country through railway network and motorway. People are easily accessing all over country through transportation means.
  • M2 motorway Bhera interchange is 35 km from Malakwal and GT road ISD-LHR section is 70 km as well.
  • Malakwal is also having Sui Gas facility inaugurated by Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto on 1 May 1994.
  • In 1964 first ever telephone exchange become operational with manual operating system. After few years whole network shifted digital infrastructure. Currently city has fiber optic network flourished by PTCL. Malakwal also equipped with 3G facilitation for mobile users.